ACT Private Tutoring

Individual sessions are beneficial for students who would like to focus on improving specific gaps in their skills in each ACT content area. Rates for private tutoring vary depending on geographic region and tutor expertise level. See the list below for PowerPrep tutors.

Manhattan and Central Kansas Area Tutors:


Carolyn Devane
Owner and director of PowerPrep Inc., Carolyn has been working with ACT students for 16 years. She has worked with thousands of students in helping them take their best scores higher and improve their lowest scores. Due to her extensive travel schedule amongst Kansas high schools, most of her private tutoring sessions are between May and August.

Contact Information
Phone: 785-341-1363


Emma Devane
A Freshman at Kansas State University majoring in Industrial Engineering, Emma tutors out of the Manhattan area year round. She specializes in the math and science sections of the ACT but tutors in all areas including English and reading. She scored a 34 on the ACT herself and has been tutoring students since 2014.

Contact Information
Phone: 785-236-1728

Collin Devane
Collin gets the ACT Science Test!  After scoring a 32 in Science on his first ACT test in high school (June 2017), Collin's goal is to achieve a 34+ in Science himself upon re-testing.  However, in the meantime, he works individually with students on ACT Science only.  He will begin working with students on all parts of the ACT by June 2018.  As Collin starts his ACT tutoring career, his science sessions are a win-win for students seeking to raise their science scores.

Contact Information
Phone: 785-236-1902

Wyatt Williams
Wyatt is a freshman at Kansas State University majoring in Food Science. Wyatt specializes in math and science, but tutors in all areas of the ACT. He scored a 32 on the ACT and was valedictorian at Rock Creek High School in 2017.

Contact Information
Phone: 785-587-5861

Kansas City Area Tutors:


Erica Minton, Shawnee
Erica is an elementary school teacher in the De Soto school district and has also enjoyed teaching the ACT PowerPrep classes for the past six years. She has tutored ACT students since 2010 and specializes in all areas of the ACT test. She tutors year round out of the Kansas City area.

Contact Information
Phone: 913-634-5271

 Oklahoma City and Stillwater, Oklahoma Tutor:


Hannah Devane
Hannah is a Junior at Oklahoma State University majoring in Accounting and Finance and has been tutoring students since 2013. During the school year she tutors students in the Stillwater area and specializes in the math and science sections of the ACT, but she is available for all areas of the test including English and reading. She scored a 33 in every section of the ACT herself, except for science where she received a 35.

Contact Information
Phone: 785-341-1116