Parent Testimonials

Thank you so much for what you and Emma have done to help my daughter reach her ACT goal. I have always been an advocate of you and PowerPrep as an educator. I can now say I support you and your work even more as a parent!
— Dave Tappan, Assistant Superintendent, Louisburg USD 416  (July 2019)

My son Mason received his June ACT score...he improved 5 points!  He previously scored a 22 and this time he got a 27.  He really got a lot of good information at your Hays prep course and plans on taking it again when you come to Goodland in the fall.  Thank you!
— Tammy, Parent of Goodland High School student (June 2019)

"My daughter increased her overall ACT composite score from 24 to 30 by using the skills and strategies Carolyn taught in her class! Her Reading score increased by 7 points, and her English score by 9 points! It’s about HOW to take the test as much as it is the actual content matter, and Carolyn understands that and helps position students to be successful. My daughter is a junior, so I’m hopeful that by continuing to practice Carolyn’s strategies, her scores will also continue to increase. A big THANKS to Carolyn for helping her qualify for a lot more scholarship money!
— Dana, Parent of a Mill Valley High School student (January 2019)

"Having someone be able to work with my son, one-on-one, to help him understand the ACT test and the strategies needed was imperative. My son's first score of 17 was 'cold turkey.' The PowerPrep group sessions I sent him to were great, but with my son's academic needs for dyslexia and MERLD, he needed the one-on-one tutoring to see the purpose for the test and the strategies. I am so excited my son scored a 23 after his tutoring sessions with Morgan."
— Angela, Parent of Mill Valley High School student (October 2018) 

"Thank you for helping Emily achieve a higher score on the July ACT test. Derek's tutoring skills helped her improve her overall composite score by 3 points. Her science score was the most impressive at 36! Wahoo!"
— Roni, Parent of Manhattan High School student (July 2018) 

"My son took the ACT last year and got a 29, and with Power Prep he raised it to a 34, all 35’s and one 31.  The strategies were an easy fix to a high score.  Thanks for your class.  It worked!"
— Kathy, Parent of Washburn Rural High School student (July 2018)

"After taking your class, our son scored 2 points higher on his September ACT than his previous 3 attempts. He is 1 point higher than the score he needed. Many thanks for the program!"
— Cathy, Parent of De Soto High School Student (October 2017)

"Our experience with Carolyn was great! My son first attended the group setting at school for tips to taking the ACT. He then took the ACT a couple of times. This allowed us to decide the areas to focus on for raising the overall number. We went to 4 sessions of 1 on 1 time with Carolyn which proved to be very beneficial. His score raised 5 points. The result exceeded our goal which was being NCAA qualified."
— Windi, Parent of Topeka High School Student (February 2017)

"I wanted to say thank you for helping my son prepare for the ACT. He scored 6 points higher than he did the first time he took the test. He is excited about his improvement and wants to take your class again and then take the test again in December. Thanks again!"
— Jim, Parent of Atchison High School Student (September 2016)

"I just wanted to say thank you for the information given to Maddy in your ACT class. She received her results and went up 3 points! I’m grateful that you had us begin with the prep class rather than private tutoring. She received the exact score needed for a scholarship."
— Melanie, Parent of Olathe Northwest High School Student (June 2016)

"Thank you for travelling to Hiawatha High School to teach your ACT prep course. My son Alec took the class in December after previously taking the ACT in October. He received a 28 on the October test. Today we received his scores from the December test and he earned a 31! Thank you for the strategies and lessons you taught him as he prepared for the test. More importantly, I believe the confidence you gave him allowed him to go into the test a second time knowing he could improve his score."
— Denise, Parent of Hiawatha High School Student (December 2015)

"My daughter took Carolyn's ACT Prep class at KSU, and I attended the parent presentation. We were both very impressed with the organization of the day and the detailed and thorough means in which Carolyn presented the content. My daughter raised her composite by 3 points after the class...results!"
— Carla, Parent of Rock Creek High School Student (January 2014)

“I can’t say enough about Carolyn Devane and her ACT prep program. My son scored a 23 on his ACT the first time he took it with a 20 in English and a 19 in reading. After taking Carolyn’s class, he scored a 27 composite with a 29 in English and 26 in Reading. He eventually scored a 30 composite ACT score on a later test after reviewing Carolyn’s strategies and practicing further. The 7-point improvement in his score has made a huge difference in the schools he was accepted to as well as scholarship money received. He could not have done this without Carolyn.”
— Rebecca, Parent of Manhattan High School Student

"As a high school counselor and a parent, I was thrilled to offer ACT Test Taking Strategies to our students at Wamego High School. I was amazed by the number of students who improved their scores. Some sub scores by as many as 6 points. (That was our son! He raised his composite score by 2 points, giving him additional scholarship money.) The price is reasonable and the results speak for themselves."
— Shelley Rickstrew, Wamego High School Counselor