Maize High School

ACT Test Prep Class

Tuesday, September 17, and Wednesday, September 18, 2019

6:30 PM to 9 PM

Maize High School
Lecture Hall

WHY: This class includes practical and relevant information on how to increase your ACT score. It shows you how to control the test and not let it control you! The workshop covers what will be on the test and how to master test-taking techniques. This class is not a practice test! Learn general ideas about the ACT as a whole and the individual tests:

  • English - Learn what ACT test-writers are looking for and how to approach different types of questions.
  • Math - Learn what problem-solving skills and math skills you need.
  • Reading - Learn your best method for doing well on ACT reading.
  • Science - Learn common question types and what’s really required to do well.

COST: $65 per student

  • Register in the 2 steps below. Payment is required at time of sign up to reserve a space in the class.
  • Requests for refunds will have a $15 processing fee deducted if cancelled more than 1 week prior to the first class date. Cancellations within a week of the first class date will not receive a refund. Partial refunds are not given for partial attendance. Make-up classes are not offered for partial attendance.
  • This class fills quickly; registrations are prioritized by date received. Class size is limited to 50 students. Upon receipt of payment all registrants will receive a confirmation email.
  • Payment for this course does not register you for the official ACT. Students must register and pay for the ACT at
  • Additional ACT information is available in your high school counseling office.


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About the Program

PowerPrep teachers have been teaching ACT classes and helping thousands of students improve their scores since 1999.  Here’s what students are saying:

“I took the class a week before the April ACT, and I improved my composite score by 3 points to a 30.  I brought my English score from a 24 to a 31 and my Science from a 25 to a 31. The class really helped me with strategies.”
— Bobby, Eudora High School (May 2018)

“I was able to increase my scores, with an overall 4 point increase in my composite.  The test taking strategies helped me practice and manage my time.  The class was worth the time and money.”
— Anonymous Student, Pittsburg High School (December 2017)

“I heard a lot about the class from my brother and, while it helped him raise his composite score by four points, I was a bit skeptical that one class could make such a difference.  I was wrong! My composite score rose four points as well and my science score went from a consistent 22 to a 31 on the test right after I took the class!  I am grateful that I was able to raise my score, allowing me to qualify for thousands more dollars in scholarships, and I credit all of this to the great class. Thank you!”
— Ben, Abilene High School (June 2017)

“I was very skeptical of the class, even after completing it. But I just found out that I raised my score from a 28 to a 30! Thank you!”
— Kaytlynne, Atchison High School (January 2017)

“Thank you so much for coming to Sabetha High School. I took the December ACT, hoping for a 29 or 30. The previous test I had gotten a 27. When I got my score back, I had gotten a 32!! A five point increase!! Thank you for showing us testing skills and strategies; it helped a lot!”
— Anonymous Student, Sabetha High School (December 2016)

“I took the ACT in April and wanted to improve my score. Then I took the ACT Power Prep Class in May and also did the timed practice tests at home to help prepare. On the June ACT, my overall score went up 5 points and my science score went from a 24 to a 36! This class was the key! I truly learned the strategies needed to improve my score. Thanks for a great class, Carolyn.”
— Jared, Thomas More Prep – Marian High School, Hays (June 2015)

“I relied on the strategies taught in this prep class to raise my score because I didn’t have a lot of time to study the material that would be on the test. My composite score raised 3 points and my science score raised 8 points alone. I now have the ACT score that I need to receive a much larger scholarship. Carolyn is the real MVP!”
— Hannah, Salina South High School (April 2015)