Educator Testimonials

Thank you so much for what you and Emma have done to help my daughter reach her ACT goal. I have always been an advocate of you and PowerPrep as an educator. I can now say I support you and your work even more as a parent!
— Dave Tappan, Assistant Superintendent, Louisburg USD 416  (July 2019)

"Your class has made a DIFFERENCE for several of our students!"
— Diane House, Principal, Skyline High School (November 2018)

"The ACT training for staff is extremely beneficial and created meaningful discussions on how to best implement strategies in the classroom. It's well worth the time to invest in this workshop if interested in impacting ACT scores. We look forward to welcoming you back for students to hear!"
— Cory White, Principal, Baxter Springs High School (January 2017)

"I received tremendous feedback from my staff regarding Carolyn's ACT presentation. Our veteran teachers said it was the best in- service that we have had in years."
— Bryon Hanson, Principal, Atchison High School (January 2017)

"One of our seniors came up to me to thank me for having you teach for 90-minutes in December. She said, 'Thank you, Mr. Loe, for having Ms. Devane help us. My science improved six points. My composite score went from a 30 to a 32.' That's the most powerful feedback!"
— Steve Loe, Principal, Shawnee Mission West High School (February 2016)

"It's May and there is still a buzz around Maize High School from your September ACT presentation!! You left a great impression on our teachers."
— Chris Botts, Principal, Maize High School (May 2015)

"Thank you so much for your great presentation at our school. Your presentation was rich with practical information that high school teachers can use to help our students apply specific test-taking strategies to improve their ACT scores. I heard more positive comments from my colleagues about your presentation than about any other training seminar in the past decade. Your presentation was well worth our time and attention."
— Wilma Fast, Language Arts Teacher, Circle High School

“Carolyn Devane’s Staff Training made the invisible components of the ACT visible for our teachers. One of our most discerning teachers commented that Carolyn’s training was the best professional development she had received in years. Carolyn provided our teachers a toolbox full of techniques they can share with students that will ultimately increase achievement, ACT scores, and future opportunities. She presents information in a dynamic manner that leaves teachers feeling empowered. From novice teachers to veteran teachers, Carolyn’s training delivered useful, ready-to-use instructional practices that our teachers will be able to easily implement today!”
— Tim Friess, Principal, Great Bend High School

"It's one of the most beneficial in-services I have been to."
— Andy Wesner, Counselor, Ellinwood High School

"Prior to attending your ACT English & Reading teacher prep session, I felt confident in helping my students review the basic rules of grammar, usage, and mechanics that they would find on the test, but I didn't feel qualified to help them actually 'control the test instead of letting the test control them.' I feel that I will be able to do a much better job with the ACT prep in my own classroom and can incorporate strategies into my regular lesson plans."
— Jennifer Dunn, English Teacher, Hiawatha High School