Don't Wait to be Great!

Want to avoid one of the biggest mistakes many high school students make when it comes to the ACT test?  Then...don't wait to be great!
Year after year, semester after semester, I've worked with students who start their ACT journey too late.  They procrastinate getting started on the ACT experience for many reasons:  sports, music events, a part-time job, or even prom.  Everything else seems more important, and not to mention, more fun, than the ACT.  Everything seems more important until....they arrive at the threshold of their senior year.  Now the clock is suddenly ticking loudly.  They feel pressure to get a great score quickly.  Pressure and stress can lead to settling for a lower score as time runs out in that senior year.
If you are a student who wants your best ACT score - and honestly, who doesn't - be ahead of the crowd and start taking the ACT earlier in high school rather than later.  Give yourself the opportunity to re-test.  Re-testing is a key to maximizing your score and scholarships.  Plus, because the ACT is predictable, you can prepare between re-tests and fill in any gaps in your skills.
 As Mark Twain said, "the secret of getting ahead is getting started."


August 2, 2017